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Helminth Incubation has 669 members. This group is for those interested in cultivating helminths for use in helminthic therapy. Organisms currently being.

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Other articles where Helminth is discussed: anthelmintic: Helminths can be divided into three groups: cestodes, or tapeworms; nematodes, or roundworms; and trematodes, or flukes. The helminths differ from other infectious organisms in that they have a complex body structure. They are multicellular and have partial or complete organ.

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Helminths are a group of organisms which share a similar form but are not necessarily related as part of evolution. Helminths include members of the following taxa: monogeneans, cestodes (tapeworms), nematodes (roundworms), trematodes (flukes), and acanthocephalins (thorny-headed worms).
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Helminthic Therapy Support has 5,376 members. This group is for everyone interested in helminthic therapy. Before posting to the group, please.
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Helminths form three main life-cycle stages: eggs, larvae and adults. Adult worms infect definitive hosts (those in which sexual development occurs) whereas larval stages may be free-living or parasitize invertebrate vectors, intermediate or paratenic hosts.
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TDR and China: 30 years of collaboration. The collaboration between TDR and the Government of the People s Republic of China dates back to 1979 when TDR first provided grants to Chinese researchers.
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Helminths are parasitic worms that cause a wide variety of infectious diseases, some of which involve the musculoskeletal system. Helminths may be classified into nematodes or roundworms.


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