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Afkooksel van opisthorchiasis

Langdurige dyskinetische aandoeningen van de galwegen kunnen galstenen, pancreatitis , cholecystitis parasitaire ziekten ( opisthorchiasis , giardiasis, enz.); Ze worden gebruikt in de vorm van infusies, afkooksels, extracten of siropen.

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Inpatient treatment in need of patients with decompensation of the function of organs, patients with neuropsychic diseases and with severe clinical symptoms of acute stage of opisthorchiasis. The drug of choice for the treatment of opisthorchiasis is praziquantel (praziquantel, biltricid) or its domestic analog - an azinox.

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Due to the substantial rise in raw material cost over the last few years, we have increased the prices for supplements. This decision wasn’t made lightly or without much consideration.
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Unlike previous reports of opisthorchiasis diagnosed in non–disease-endemic countries, which included patients infected in areas endemic for disease, the patients in the present series were infected outside an endemic region by food imported illegally from a country where the disease was highly prevalent.
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Opisthorchis species are liver fluke parasites that humans can get by eating raw or undercooked fish, crabs, or crayfish from areas in Asia and Europe where the parasite is found, including Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Germany, Italy, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine.
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CBC count. Leukocytosis may occur. In developed countries, finding of eosinophilia and history of ingestion of watercress or freshwater plants in a symptomatic individual can be a good guide for further testing for fascioliasis.
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CLINICAL PRESENTATION IN HUMANS Ash (1997), Liver Flukes and Malignancy, Pungpak (1985, 1994), Sun (1999) Opisthorchiasis results from the liver flukes O. felineus and O. viverrini invading the biliary ducts of the human host as indicated in the diagram above. Image from Atlas of Medical Parasitology website.

Afkooksel van opisthorchiasis:

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